Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movember and Prostate Cancer Month

Hi Everyone,
November is almost here… and for espy this month is really known as “Movember” The cheesy mous­taches aside this is a great char­ity that focuses on rais­ing aware­ness and funds for the num­ber one can­cer affect­ing men – prostate can­cer. Both Megan’s father and father in law have had prostate can­cer and her hus­band is yet again grow­ing (or attempt­ing to grow) a mous­tache to raise money. Check out the link: movem­ber Other great links for prostate can­cer: Prostate Cancer Centre We think that their “MAN VAN” is a great idea! Get checked!
espy will be donat­ing to prostate can­cer and rais­ing aware­ness to get checked all month.
.…hmmm.… does this maybe have some­thing to do with #nakedespy???

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