Monday, November 1, 2010

Newsboy's Espy Experience


Shopping for clothes is a daunting experience for a guy. It’s up there with attending baby showers and watching Hugh Grant movies for most of us. Don’t get me wrong; we LOVE to look good, regardless of what we might tell you. However buying new clothes (outside of outdoor work wear, sports related items, t-shirts and hats) involves going to the nearest mall, fighting the crowds on your way to the nearest mega store, rustling though mountains of shirts and pants, waiting in line for a dressing
room, quickly throwing on your stuff and

grabbing what fits before charging to the till, paying and heading to the nearest bar to dull the pain you just experienced.

Then there’s the indignity of going shopping with your wife/girlfriend/girl who’s a friend. Take the above situation, but throw in a woman who’s attempting to dress you the way THEY want you to dress. What you have is a
  recipe for disaster and a guy who’s not going look as good as he could.

And up until yesterday that is the only way I thought it was possible to get new clothes. Until I went to Espy.

When Megan asked me to come in and help her out with her #nakedespy event, I was a little worried, because the words “stylists” and “fashion” generally send a chill through my body and makes me think of the horrible people on What Not To Wear and gave me visions of myself prancing around in a scarf, a deep v-neck t-shirt and pointy shoes. That’s not me. And that’s not what I want to be either.

However, the great thing about Espy and the ladies there is that they look at you, break away the rough spots and dress you in clothes YOU feel comfortable in and look good on YOU. Because after all, YOU are the one wearing them right? They want YOU to come back so your ass better look and feel good when you leave the store. Espy dropkicks the male stereotypes of high fashion. There’s no prancing and there’s no insulting the clothes you walk in with.

Getting dressed by a stylist is great, because for starters, they’re not your significant other. There’s no worries about losing your manhood to your woman because she tells you what clothes you’re wearing. Second of all, you don’t have to sort through piles of clothes. They know what they have, they know what they want to dress you in and they KNOW what looks good and what doesn’t.

Sure, you’re going to put on a pair of pants that won’t be you. Yes, you might put on a sweater that does not jive with your upper body but Megan and the rest of the girls know this. In fact they know before you do. They’re going to tell you what type of sneakers to wear, what else can go with the pants and shirt you bought and they’re also going to make sure your new duds are altered and properly cared for after the fact.

In short, getting the Espy experience is practically the only way for a busy guy to look good. Sure you can spend hours at the mall or hitting up boutiques across downtown assorted neighborhoods, but why not just roll into a place that’s cool, fun and extremely laid back? You walk out feeling good and looking good. They say the clothes make the man. I always thought it was a pile of nonsense. Until I had the espy experience.




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